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Vision & Mission


The mission of KRISS  is to strengthen teaching fraternity, to keep people healthy, to empower women, to eradicate corruption  and to produce leaders who can shape and reform the society. Our mission is also to create awareness and to extend knowledge about the formation of human potentials across countries. 

KRISS envision to build a just, equitable, safe, aware, strong, healthy and positive society. Please see below our detailed vision policy:
 KRISS aim to share best practices happening around the Globe.To prepare Educators to train other Educators. To spread education in it's true spirit. To impart education upto the last strata of the society. Education is a purposeful activity. By education we intend to bring certain desirable changes in the students. Education is a conscious effort and, as such, it has definite aims and objectives. In the light of these aims the curriculum is determined and the academic achievements of the student are measured. Education without aim is like a boat without its rudder. Aims give direction to activity. Absence of an aim in education makes it a blind alley. Every stage of human development had some aim of life. The aims of life determine aims of education. The aims of education have changed from age to age and thus it is dynamic because the aims of life are dynamic.

KRISS aim to build a society in which every child attains the right to protection, survival, participation and development. We empower children by providing them with education and awareness programmes on various issues. Our Society has been actively involved in advocating for reforms to prevent, identify and address child rights and protection concerns. We conduct training workshops for primary, middle and senior school children as well as teachers. These workshops have included ‘stress and sexual awareness’, ‘health and nutrition awareness’, ‘hygiene and life style awareness’, ‘civic education’, ‘alcohol and substance abuse prevention’, ‘children in crime’, ‘career guidance’ & so on. We provide education help/sponsorship to financially poor children.

With regard to youth empowerment, our SOCIETY envisions a world where young people are respected and able to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives or on which they have strong opinions. KRISS offer career advisory services with the aim of getting people trained for the most suitable jobs; Implement programmes training the youth (ex: vocational training) and equip them with such skills that will make them to gain employment to sustain themselves; Build a platform that can discover young talent; Promote leadership among the youth; Working with youth on issues related to health, education, human rights, civic education, anti-corruption and other development issues.

KRISS work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life and free them from exploitation, abuse and discrimination. Our SOCIETY envisions a society where elderly have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life and to achieve their full potential by access to the educational, cultural, spiritual and recreational resources. Our vision is to help elders rebuild their own lives and take charge of their own future, restoring within them a sense of self worth and confidence. KRISS envisions that older persons should remain integrated in society, have full range of care and support services that fully respect their beliefs, needs and privacy and their right to make decisions about their care and the quality of their lives, participate actively in the development of policies and services provided for them and act as volunteers in their communities with younger generations. We are integrating our programmes and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for seniors. KRISSis working closely with ‘senior citizen associations’ and encouraging seniors to speak up for their own rights. We are actively working as a pressure group and focusing on elder rights such as the right to adequate health insurance, right to pension and working towards providing elders a society with age appropriate services. In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders though we have made significant strides, but they are just a drop in the ocean.

Our SOCIETY will be a source of support and empowerment to vulnerable girls and women and their families. KRISS assist in dealing with women & girl’s health issues; Women’s rights; Women’s financial issues; Social issues relating to women and girl children (ex: sexual harassment, domestic violence & other harassment against women, dowry, reproductive health, maternal and newborn health, family planning, etc); Legal support for women’s & girl’s issues; To make women self-reliant by promoting entrepreneurial skills, Organizing Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and to train and promote them; Confidence building platform; Strengthening women participation in developmental and leadership activities & so on.

KRISS aim in improving performance of physically and mentally challenged in the educational, vocational, psychological and physical sphere with active participation of normal children, guardians, teachers and other members of the public; To help empower physically and mentally challenged people by giving them rehabilitation, specialized and technical education, vocational training and career guidance to make them contributing and honorable citizens; To devote in improving the mental health and looking after their personality development so that they are able to feel independent and mentally strong; To create opportunity for social and cultural activities for mainstreaming of their talents; To work in the direction of solving their adjustment problems within their families and society; To extend support for improving quality of life by taking care of their mental health; To sensitize common people about the condition of people with disabilities; etc.

Our SOCIETY is working in the direction of human rights, values and development. The vision of KRISS is ‘Live and Teach How to Live’. We are organizing each and every human being with positive thinking, attitude and cause on the stage of humanity. We think everyone should contribute in the direction of humanity. Our SOCIETY is striving to empower the public, promote, reinforce and safeguard human rights through Legal and civic education and information; Sound legal research and advise; Monitoring and follow up of human rights violations; and Advocacy for reforms of policies, laws and practices to conform to international human rights standards. We work to bring about improved laws, policies, and practices that are human rights sensitive; Justice Administration system for reform; Advocacy on legal and policy frameworks improved in conformity to human rights principles; Monitoring of companies compliance to regional and international standards with regards to economic, social and, environmental rights, etc. KRISS works with the indigent, women, children, youths, men, people with disabilities, politicians, policy makers, legislators, law enforcers, community leaders, influential people, civil society organizations and the general public in safeguarding human rights.

KRISS has the vision of fundamental health education to the different classes and communities of the society. We aim to make the health services accessible, through the qualified health experts, to the ordinary citizens; To coordinate in the health campaign conducted by the experienced and proficient health practitioners; To do scientific health examination through modern health equipment/tools; To operate the door-to-door health program; To conduct various health campaigns; Awareness programs and de-addiction treatment facilities and comprehensive rehabilitation programs; blood donation, blood group identification, etc.

Alleviating poverty, employment generation, more opportunities for generating income and infrastructure facilities are emphasized through the policies and programmes of the government. Along with this, the panchayat raj institutions have also been initiated by the government to strengthen the democracy at grass roots level. But in spite of all the efforts, rural poverty, unemployment rate, low production still exists. Then the traditional thinking of rural people, their poor understanding, and low level of education for comprehending new technology and efforts, lack of awareness are people related hurdles that SOCIETYs are facing. Apart from these, there are certain problems like economics such as high cost technology, underprivileged rural industries, social and cultural differences, conflicts between different groups, administrative problems like political interference, lack of motivation and interest act as hurdles on the way to rural development. The fight is still on for the basic facilities such as livelihood security, sanitation problem, education, medical facilities, roads, etc. Still there is a huge gap in terms of infrastructure that is available in urban and rural areas. The basic rural development should include all these apart from employment, proper water supply, proper houses and other basic facilities. KRISS assist in improving the rural and backward areas and promote them to develop their economic (ex: house construction) as well as social standards.

KRISShas the aim to empower farmer and improve agricultural productivity. We help in organizing cooperatives of farmers and training them in sustainable harvesting techniques to improve farm profitability; increase market access and improve storage to help farmers sell their goods; create more sustainable fields and increase the income of farmers; etc. Further our SOCIETY assist fishing communities in advanced fish harvesting, processing, distribution and marketing technologies and practices, to assess fish stocks and to upgrade capabilities in these areas through training. 

KRISSdeals with issues of the environment, including the depletion of natural resources, deforestation, global warming, pollution and conservation. We perform field research, work with government institutions and corporations to create environmentally-friendly policy, and creating information campaigns to raise public awareness.
Further our SOCIETY endeavors to promote and protect Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and to build and create a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the next generation.

KRISS is dedicated to the welfare of consumers. We assist to organise campaigns on various consumer issues to create social awareness; organise training programmes for the consumers and make them conscious of their rights and modes of redressal of their grievances; provide free legal advice on matters of consumer interest and help to take up their grievances with the District Forum and State Commission set up under the Consumer Protection Act; launch Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on important consumer issues; etc.
Our Non-Governmental Organization aims to spread awareness about art and culture, antique and archaeological collections, Indian handicrafts and other traditional industries, among the common people. To serve this purpose, the organization conducts summer camps, programmes, seminars, workshops, street plays, proscenium plays, functions, festivals, fairs, exhibitions of rate arts, etc in MP-India.
KRISS is focused in human development with emphasis in accident prevention on roads, workplace, homes and environment with the ultimate goal of promoting efforts in the safety of lives.  Our SOCIETY organizes safety campaigns through conferences, workshops, seminars and media advocacy.

KRISS  provides help to natural calamity hit areas. Our SOCIETY provides shelter, food and clothes, medical help and other basic necessities to the victims of the natural calamity hit areas to overcome their suffering.
Our SOCIETY–KRISS is concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals. We are dedicated in educating policy makers and the public about animal abuse and the right of animals to be treated with respect.